Executive Producer – Mr. Hugh M. Hefner (1999 – Turner Classic Movies)

Produced, Co-Written and Co-Edited by Elaina Archer.

A documentary film on the Hollywood's first sex symbol.
Winner of 2000 Telly Award.

Narrated by Courtney Love - Starring David Stenn, Rex Bell Jr., Constance Moore, Miriam Shilling Cooke, Leonard Maltin, Budd Schulberg, AC Lyles, Baby Peggy among others.

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Discovering the "IT" Girl sparkles as tele-bio because it has so much research and info to flaunt.   The production has a gutsy emotional core: a love affair with Bow…Bow is brought radiantly to life, and footage of her numerous films is tantalizing.
- Hollywood Reporter

In Clara Bow: Discovering The 'IT' Girl filmmakers Hugh Munro Neely and Elaina Archer present a compelling portrait of a woman who was never seduced by her fame,   who was celluloid's first sex symbol and flapperdom's feminist icon…Discovering The 'IT' Girl disappoints only in that that there's not more of it.
- LA Weekly

Clara Bow: Discovering The 'IT' Girl takes a subject seriously and rewards a viewer who does the same.   It's invaluable as a source of information on someone renowned by reputation than by her own work these days, but it's even more involving as a story.
- Chicago Daily Herald